206: Eli Kassis Returns to the Show and Talks About Being an Ambassador of Magic: The Gathering

Eli Kassis is a past guest of the show and now has 3 Grand Prix Top 8’s (2 back to back top 4 or better finishes), 7 Pro Tour cashes, 13 SCG’s Open Top 8’s, and 17 Old school PTQ Wins.

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Team Events

Team events are catching on. In a team event, Eli made top 4 with his team.

GP Secrets

X-2 still get invited to the Pro Tour, so don’t draw.

Evaluating The Metagame

Eli and his team looked at the popular Modern decks and determined, there wouldn’t be a lot of control. Eli picked his deck because he knew it inside and out and it had a good match up against the rest of the field.

Future of Pro Magic

Eli sees the Pro circuit growing.

Biggest Mistake Players Make

When stress and pressure are on players, abandon the decisions that got them there and hope luck gets them there.

Parting Guidance

You are an ambassador to the game. Be proud of it and treat others with respect so when anyone says “I play Magic” it means something.


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