189: How Drafting Everyday and Playing Boldly Helped Donald Smith and How it Can Help You Too

Donald Smith started playing Magic in Theros. He got his first (and only) GP Top 8 in Charlotte 2015 and has chained Pro Tour invites ever since. Now he has a Pro Tour Top 8 under his belt and is a Gold level pro.

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First Set


Favorite Set

Theros / Kaladesh

Favorite Card

[draft]Chained to the Rocks[/draft]

What makes Magic: The Gathering fun for you?

“I got hooked on Magic because of the social aspect.”

Early Challenge

Preparing for tournaments.

Worst Magic Moment

The period between PT Atlanta and PT Honolulu, Donald didn’t have a good finish at any event. He also learned humility.

Proudest Magic Moment

Top 4 of Pro Tour Dublin. Also, the 11th win that got him the Pro Tour Dublin invite.

What Have You Learned From Magic

Taking risks pays off. Risk within reason.

Best Format


Magic Mentors

Derek; looked at the game with analytical eyes.
Owen Turtenwald

Deepest Thing You’ve Learned About Yourself

Donald learned a good work ethic.

Biggest Mistake Players Make

People play too scared.

Advice for Beginner Limited

In AER Limited, have your colors set by the end of pack one.
People let color biases affect them too much. Don’t buy into hyperbole.

What’s in Your Tournament Bag

Life pod, dice, pens, playmat, laptop, snacks, granola bars, Clif bars, water, token

Daily Ritual

Play daily.

Parting Guidance

Draft everyday!

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