168: Australia Team Captain David Mines is Always Open to Learning

David Mines has 1 Grand Prix top 8 and 1 Grand Prix win under his belt, has 2 Pro Tour top 16 and is the captain of the 2016 Australian World Magic Cup team. David lives in Brisbane, Australia.

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First Set


Favorite Set


Favorite Card

Liliana of the veil

Early Challenge

David found it hard to be taken seriously because he was so young. Testing with other groups was hard. He’s learned to be very open to other ideas.

When was Your Magic Breakthrough

At David’s second PPTQ he and his team went all the way to the finals and split the win. He learned to not intimidated by big games.

Level Up Moment

After coming back, David won a PPTQ and linked with a team that took Magic very seriously. This approach opened. David’s eyes.

Worst Magic Moment

At a Grand Prix soon after David’s return, he throws away a top 8 because he played around a card that he shouldn’t.

Proudest Magic Moment

Grand Prix Melbourne 2016 (David won!) Top 8 at World Magic Cup 2016.

Best Format


Deepest Thing You’ve Learned About Yourself

David has learned how competitive he can be and has been able to learn to tone it down.

Biggest Mistake Players Make

Players try to play around too many things.

Underplayed Card in Modern

Midnight Oil

Beginner Modern Advice

Final a deck that fits your play style. Learn what the other decks do.

Daily Activities

Listening to music helps David’s frame of mind.

Improvement Suggestions

Be open and receptive to learning. Soak in knowledge and learn from better players.

Magic Resource


Connect With David Mines

David can be found in the MTG Pro Tutor Facebook group.

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