199: Dedication and Practice Will Get You to the Top with David Brucker

David Brucker is a returning Magic Pro who is coming back after a 9-year break. He just added his 6th Grand Prix top 8 to his record and even boasts a Grand Prix win from back in the day. On the Pro Tour, he has 6 top 16 finishes and is looking for a top 8 with his most recent invite. David lives in Munich, Germany.

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First Set

Ice age

Favorite Set


Favorite Card

Fact or fiction

Early Challenge

Not knowing cards and winning decks. Lack of information was a big deal in the early days.

Worst Magic Moment

At his 2nd Nationals, David drank with friends the night before and showed up to the draft hung over. He went 3-0 but then got disqualified because he registered a 37 card deck.

Proudest Magic Moment

David won the European championship and got a big trophy and $15,000. He and his parents were so proud.

What Have You Learned From Magic

“Breaking” a deck is similar to science. Trying to find the best solution for a format is like finding a solution at work. Also teamwork.

Magic Mentors

Henniry Ramquist – he was very competitive and taught David to take the game seriously.

Tournament Day Tips

Get byes. Attend GPT’s, PPTQs and Grand Prix

Deepest Thing You’ve Learned About Yourself

David is very competitive. He also likes to travel.

Biggest Mistake Players Make

Playing your lost card in hand pre-combat.
This gives away so much information.
Think about every game and why you actually lost. Avoid the mindset of blowing outside influences for your losses.

What’s in Your Tournament Bag

Clothing, deck box

Parting Guidance

Play a lot. Find the best players in your region and play against them.

Magic Resource

CFB, 5-0 decks from MTGO

Connect With David Brucker

David can be found in the MTG Pro Tutor Facebook group.

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