284: Bogles Master Daniel Ward Wants You to Discover Why You Play Magic

Daniel Ward has 5 Grand Prix top 8’s including 1 win and made Top 8 of a World Magic Cup Qualifier in 2016. Daniel lives in Catskill, NY.

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First Set

Ice Age

Favorite Set


Favorite Card

The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale

Early Challenge

Daniel has always been good at sports. When he came into Magic and learned, it was competitive, it was easy to get into the competitive side but hard to put his casual side aside

Worst Magic Moment

Daniel was proclaimed as ‘the worst cheater ever’ over an incident that wasn’t as bad as people made it sound. But it was on camera and people saw. People make mistakes and Daniel is stronger now because he had to go through it.

Proudest Magic Moment

Being selected for team Dex Protection. Being recognized as good enough to play with big names meant a lot to Daniel.

Parting Guidance

Find out why you play Magic. Through that, you’ll find fulfillment and enjoyment in the game.

Magic Resource

MTG Goldfish

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