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What’s Inside

Dictate of karametraKnowledge and powerWhitewater naiadsArmory of iroasWar-wing siren
Oreskos swiftclawBloodcrazed hopliteFont of ireCloaked sirenGrim guardian
Market festivalEagle of the watchLightning diademCountermand

The Best Ones

Whitewater naiadsOreskos swiftclawGrim guardian

Watch the video to learn why these are the best.

My Pick

Whitewater naiads

Whitewater Naiads is an amazing Magic card. I have never been disappointed drafting it.

The ability to give your creatures the best kind of evasion is undeniably strong in Limited. Seeing the Naiads in my first pack pushes me strongly to go blue.

Definately look for other creatures and enchantments to round out the combo.

What Do You Think?

Leave a comment below and let’s have a discussion. Would you pick something else over Whitewater Naiads?

By pooling our knowledge we can all improve and win more drafts.

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