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Welcome to MTG pro tutor. If you have drafted Born of the Gods less than ten times or consistently lose your first round in the drafts then it is the place for you. We’re going to open up a booster pack and see what’s inside. Remember that when you draft Born of the Gods, you’re going to get Born of the Gods first and then Theros, Theros. So only one pack of Born of the Gods, that is very important. Let’s see what our first pick would be to start this draft off. First thing I always do when I open up a pack is I take out the marketing card and the land. So, you go marketing card and land, and then I always look at the rare.

PHENAX, GOD OF DECEPTION: Alright, Phenax, God of Deception. So he is one of the new gods. He is a 4/7 for five; black blue and three other.

He is indestructible and what happens is as soon as you get to seven devotion as in you have seven mana symbol of black and blue, he becomes a creature.

But before he becomes a creature he says that, Creatures you control have “TAP; Target player puts the top X card of his or her library into his or her graveyard, where X is this creature’s toughness.”
That is amazing because then when he becomes a creature he can do it himself for seven.

At the pre-release , I got milled by this guy twice, two different people had them and they destroyed me. In limited, he is very strong. You only have a forty card deck in limited and he can really lay waste because at the end of your opponent’s turn you can just tap all your creatures and mill them and untap your creatures on your turn and you have them ready to attack or defend or whatever you may want so if you’re ready to go down this route it will be beneficial to get high defence creatures so you’re looking at walls, your goal would be to kind of stall the game, control, so you kind of going blue black control. You’re not going to win with creatures, you’re going to sit back with big toughness creatures, block your opponents, try to remove some spells, you’ll get some black removal, counter some things, get Phenax online and mill your opponent to death. He’s really good in limited. As of right now he’ll be my first pick.

SORT: So the next thing I want to do is I try to put the colors next to each other. I don’t always do this but the reason why I’m doing this now is because I want you to understand that in draft you’re going to be get the first and the ninth card out of this pack. So I’m just kind of making a mental note of what’s in here. I want to make a mental note of the cards and colors that are here, so when you get the cards back you kind of see what the draft is looking like. We have two whites, one two three four blue, two black, two red and three greens. So again what’s going to happen is you’re going to pick one card and then one two three four five six seven, seven other people are going to pick. So when you get this back there’s going to be six left. When you get these six cards back take a look at the colors and see what’s left. If all the blues are gone, there’s four out of seven people who picked blue. You know you just kind of want to remember more or less what was in the first pack. If all the greens are gone you’ll know that three out of seven people picked green and there’ll be a lot of greens at the table and that’ll give you an idea of what people might be going for.

ORESKOS SUN GUIDE: Alright, Oreskos Sun guide, whenever Oreskos Sun Guide become untapped, you gain two life. He’s a 2/2 for two, not a bad white two drop but not the best white two drops.

EPHARA’S RADIANCE: Ephara’s radiance, enchant creature, enchanted creature gets pay one white and one other if tapped you gain 3 life. This is probably best as an inspire trigger but still not first pick, you’re not going to grab this guy.

STRATUS WALK: Stratus walk, enchanted creature gains flying, when you play this card you get to draw a card. So it replaces itself and gives you flying, the only drawback is the enchanted creature can only block creatures with flying. Not bad if you’re building up a monster, a hero as they call them and you just want to be able to swing it for more damage.

NULLIFY: Nullify. Counter target creature or aura spell for two blue. Gods count as creatures so when they’re cast they can be countered. It happened to me.

MELETIS ASTRONOMER: Meletis Astronomer. Heroic, whenever you cast a spell that targets Meletis Astronomer, look at the top three cards of your library, you may reveal an enchantment card from among them and put it into your hand put the rest in the bottom in any order. That’s pretty good and it also has three toughness so you might be able to take the Phenax and this might come around but by the time you got your ninth pick, most of the uncommons will probably be gone.

SPHINX’S DISCIPLE: Sphinx’s Disciple is not good. He is a 2/2 for five so it fails the vanilla test. He has flying and when he untaps he gets to draw a card. Pretty good ability but he’s going to be hard to untap because he is weak.

Next you have the black cards.

FORSAKEN DRIFTERS: Forsaken drifters, 4/2 for four, when Forsaken Drifters die put the top four cards of your library on your graveyard. Not a first pick, don’t grab him.

BLACK OAK OF ODUNOS: Here you go, Black Oak of Odunos, it’s a 0/5 defender, tap another untapped creature you control, Black Oak of Odunos gets +1/+1 until end of turn. That’s pretty good, that will be great with Phenax because he has such high defence. Unfortunately its uncommon so it might not go around the table. There’s only two black cards in this pack. It will be good to see him again but you probably won’t. I still wouldn’t take him first pick. If Phenax wasn’t here I don’t think I will take him first pick.

PHARAGAX GIANT: Lets see, the Pharagax Giant. It’s a 3/3 for five so that’s not good. Tribute two, so he can be 5/5 if your opponent pays the tribute but if not your opponent will take five damage. It’s pretty good but your opponent will always choose the worst thing for you, so if he has removal or easy way to block this guy then he will give you the 5/5 and not really care and then just remove your giant. If he doesn’t have any creatures but has a lot of life then he’ll take the five damage and maybe he has a bunch of blockers then he’ll be able to take the five damage and then just be able to block this guy and not really worry about it. I don’t think Pharagax Giant is that good.

IMPETUOUS SUNCHASER: Impetuous Sunchaser. 1/1 flying haste for two, that’s pretty good, you could swing on turn two with him. He has to attack each turn if he’s able so he’s not a bad guy to bulk up and make it your hero but you are eventually going to  lose him if you don’t beef him up because he has to attack each turn he’s able.

SETESSEN STARBREAKER: Setessen Starbreaker. I don’t like this guy at all, he is a 2/1 for four, he is terrible. When he enters the battlefield destroy target aura. NOT enchantment. Aura.  So you cannot destroy gods and their weapons, things like that. You can destroy bestow creatures that are bestowed and you can destroy other auras.

CHARGING BADGER: Charging Badger is terrible, don’t take it. It’s a 1/1 trample for one, he’s common probably come around because he is terrible. Don’t waste your time, don’t waste your pick on him.

GRAVEROBBER SPIDER: Graverobber Spider, he is great. He is a 2/4 for four. He is basically a giant spider. He has reach. He has a little bit of utility in that later on in the game if you need a place to dump your mana you can pay four to give him +X/+X where X is the number of creature cards in your graveyard. So activate this ability only once each turn. So pretty good.

CONCLUSION: So out of this pack I’ll take Phenax, especially in Limited, he is amazing, he just brings down the beating. At this point you take him first and you are looking for black and blue cards. You’re looking for removal, you’re looking for counters, you’re looking for creatures with high toughness like this tree guy, the zombie treefolk that would be perfect. So take Phenax, make a note of what’s in here, two white, four blue, two black, two red and three green. Just shuffle it up, so it’s not nice and orderly for your opponent, don’t make it too easy for him to figure out what you’re taking and then pass it to the left.

So there you have it, Phenax God of Deception will be our first pick from this pack.

So thanks for joining me today, hope you learned something. Leave your comments below and let me know what you will pick first. Is Phenax your first pick from this pack or did something else catch your eye? Thanks so much and I will see you in the next pack.


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