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Daily Boost 01

Hello. Welcome to MTG pro tutor. Where you get deck building tips for success and unlimited play. So here we are, we are going to open up a born for the God pack.

If you have drafted Born of the Gods less than ten times or consistently lose your first round in draft, then this is the place for you. Remember that when you draft Born of the Gods, you’re going to get the newest packs (the newest set) first. You’re going to get Born of the Gods, and then Threros Theros. So let’s open this up, taking a look at what we would pick if it were our first pack.

First thing I always do when I open up a pack is take out the token, and the land. Set those aside. The next thing is I always look at the rare.

RARE: Alright, so we got ‘Temple of Plenty’. See if you can see that. So here we go. What it does is that give you a green or a white and scry one when it comes into play. That’s pretty powerful. Scying is a really good ability because it gives you some consistency in your deck. It allows you to get a land when you need it. It allows you to skip a land when you don’t. So that’s a pretty strong first pick. We will set that aside.

The next thing I like to do is, I like to take a look at all these cards and kind of organize it by color because what’s going to happen is that when you pass this off to your left, you’re going to get these same cards back on pick nine. You get your first and your ninth pick out of this pack.

RISE TO THE CHALLENGE: So you have ‘Rise to the Challenge’, target creature gets +2/+0 and gains first strike until end of turn. So it’s a combat trick for red.

IMPETUOUS SUNCHASER: ‘Impetuous Sunchaser’, 1/1, flying, haste for two mana. That’s pretty good. He attacks each turn if able. So you can make him your hero with putting a bunch of enchantments on him. That might be pretty good.

KRAGMA BUTCHER: You have the ‘Kragma Butcher’. Who is a 2/3 for three mana, so that is pretty good, passes the Vanilla Test. It has inspired which is whenever he is untapped he gets +2/+0 until end of turn. That’s pretty good, it makes him a 4/3. So not bad.

GRIFFIN DREAMFINDER: ‘Griffin Dreamfinder’, this is not that strong. It’s a 1/4, flying or five mana and when he comes into play, you get an enchantment from the graveyard to your hand. You could get a Bestow creature back or an Aura or something along those lines, but he’s still not high up in the pick.

HOLD AT BAY: ‘Hold at Bay’, not good. Prevent the next seven damage that would be dealt to target creature or player this turn, there are other better combat tricks than this. I would probably never pull this card. I would probably only get this card if it was passed to me or if I was in white and every other cards stunk. I don’t think it’s that good.

FLOODTIDE SERPENT: ‘Floodtide Serpent’, is the only blue card in this pack. He is a 4/4 for five mana. Which is pretty good. But he can’t attack, unless you return an enchantment you control to its owner’s hand. So that’s pretty steep. You’re going to want to make sure you have a lot of auras. You’d want a cheap aura on the field that you could return to your hand and recast. There is actually some auras that do things do things when come into play. So if you have one of those it might be kind of good to combo with but you know, you have to keep into mind that for him to attack you have to return the enchantment to your hand. It also can return a creature as long as it was an enchantment. You could return a Bestow creature and then put that back on the board. Bestow it back onto the board, that might be a good way to get some extra utility out of your Bestow creature. You cast a Bestow creature as a creature early on, if it’s still alive, you could swing with him. By this point you have five mana right? You turn five, you drop him, turn six, you swing, pulling back your Bestow creature that’s still on the board. Then by six mana, you should be able to Bestow that creature. Maybe even onto him on the next round. It all depends on what your board state looks like.

MARSHMIST TITAN: ‘Marshmist Tital’. He cost one less for your devotion to black. So he is a 4/5 for seven mana. Not that good, because what’s going to have to be heavy into black if you want to cast him down on a decent round. We’re talking a get him out on turn—four would be nice. But to do that you would need three devotion to black in the first four turns. So kind of hard to do that especially if you’re going to be running two colors.

NECROBITE: ‘Necrobite’, pretty good. It’s a combat trick for black. Target creature gains deathtouch until end of turn and you regenerate it. So you can chump block a big guy with a little guy and for three mana. You kill the big guy and your little guy stays around. So, not bad.

NYXBORN WOLF: ‘Nyxborn Wolf’ is one of the strongest green commons. It’s a 3/1 creature for three. So it’s pretty good. And then for bestow, four and green, you give a creature +3/+1. So pretty good. Like a lot of people are saying that he’s a pretty solid green card.

CULLING MARK: ‘Culling Mark’, target creature blocks this turn if able. Not that good. If your swinging with one deathtouch creature or something big and you know your opponent has something they’re trying to keep something safe, you can draw it out and kill it, but it’s still not that good. Not that high of a pick.

PHERES-BAND RAIDERS: ‘Pheres-Brand Raiders’, these guys are pretty good. I mean they’re a 5/5 for six mana, so it’d be nice if they were a little cheaper, but they do have inspired. Whenever they become untapped, you may pay a green and two other and you get a 3/3 green centaur. That’s pretty good. I mean you should be able to swing an untapped with such a strong body. With 5/5 you should be able to get some good use out of them.

RAISED BY WOLVES: ‘Raised by Wolves’, this a powerhouse. This is an excellent uncommon. Very strong. What it does is “enchant creature”. When raised by wolves enters the battlefield, put two 2/2 green wolf creature tokens unto the battlefield. Enchanted creature gets +1/+1 for each wolf you control. So, the trick is that since this is an enchantment, and it costs five if they counter it, IT’S GONE! You tap your mana AND you lose this spell. But if you land this, it’s a beating. Because you get six power on the board, two 2/2 green wolves and the creature that you just enchanted will get +2/+2 and can presumably attack that turn, furthermore if you play this on a heroic creature, it would trigger him, usually giving him more +1/+1 counters. This card is really good. You do have to be careful because you can get really hosed by spending five mana and getting this thing countered. But if you land it, it turns games. It’s really good. That’s ‘Raised by Wolves’.

EPHARA’S ENLIGHTENMENT: And then we got one gold card. Which is a white, a blue and one other. It says enchant creature, when Ephara’s Elightment enters the battlefield put +1/+1 counter on enchanted creature. So, enchanted creature has flying and whenever a creature enters the battlefield under your control, you MAY return Ephara’s Enlightenment to its owner’s hand. So this is great – because when you play it, you give the creature +1/+1 and it has flying. And when you play another creature, you could put this back in your hand and then you could cast it again. So this guy keeps on coming back. Keeps on giving you +1/+1 and flying. So really good. This is a really high pick. The thing about it is that it’s blue/white. So early on, it’s generally better to stay open, take the best cards in the first three or four pack, regardless of color and then by a five or six, you really should start narrowing in on the color you want. So taking the best cards out of the first few pack is generally really good and locking yourself into two colors on the first pick is not so good because you don’t want to force the draft because you don’t know what the future is going to hold. But with that said, it’s still a really good card.

CONCLUSION: Out of all these cards: Ephera’s Enlightment, Temple of Plenty (mana fixes really good), and ‘Raised by Wolves’, which is really good. But these three will be my pick out of this pack. This is the only pack of Born of the Gods you’re going to see.

I’d probably take, ‘Raised by Wolves’ or ‘Temple of Plenty’. One of these is what I’d pick and pass the rest. I would have to decide – I would probably take ‘Temple of Plenty’, because what it does is it leaves me open. I could play green or white. Right? It scrys 1 when it comes into play. I don’t have to play green-white. I could play green-red. I could play green-blue. This will still give me the white mana I need, right? Maybe I go white-blue, but I want to splash green, right? This will allow me to do it. So I would take this card. It lets me scry 1 when it comes into play, which is really useful. Don’t underestimate the power of scrying 1. Keep in mind that ‘Raised by Wolf’ will most-probably picked up by the person you’re left. This is the second best card in this pack right here.

So know that the person on your left is probably going to go green. So keep that in mind. When you get this pack back, remember that there are seven of you who pick from it. You get your first and ninth pack in this pack. Take a look at what colors are missing. Remember that there is three red, one white, one blue, two black, and one-two-three-four green, and the gold. So whatever comes back to you on your ninth pick, remember that! Because that will be the signal as to what the table is taking.

Hopefully you have enjoyed cracking open this pack and taking a look what’s inside. Take care and we will see you in the next pack.

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