265: Gp Champion Christoffer Larsen Returns to the Show and Talks the Evils of Slow Rolling 😉

Christoffer Larsen returns to the podcast, now with 8 Grand Prix top 8s including a win at GP Lyon. His origin episode was episode 114 (which was rerun as episode 254).

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Joined team Genesis after his first episode: Traveled a lot and played a lot of Magic.

Biggest Growth

Playing with great players has made Christoffer a much better player.

World Travel

Christoffer has traveled to Australia, the states and all over Europe. He picked up a 5th place finish at GP Portland and a win with his team at GP Lyon.

Biggest Mistake Players Make

Ordering the wrong amount of food. LOL
Underestimating the opponent.

Shortcoming As a Player

Playing really fast. Christoffer has dropped a few games (but has won many more).

Parting Guidance

Don’t slow roll!

Connect With Christoffer Larsen

Christoffer can be found in the MTG Pro Tutor Facebook group.

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