200: How To Build a Healthy, Thriving Magic Community with Paragon City Games co-owner Brian Andersen

Brian Andersen is a 25 year old Magic enthusiast from California, but he’s lived everywhere. He’s played magic in both Asia and the USA at the basic LGS level. He’s an investor a partner at Paragon City Games and generally a loud mouth. Brian lives in Draper, Utah.

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First Set


Favorite Set


Favorite Card

Kamahl, Pit fighter

Making a Store Stand Out

Be deliberate about the feel you want players to experience.

Biggest Mistake Players Make

Not having enough experience with their deck. Take the time to play and know your deck ahead of time. Ask a lot of questions.

Tournament Day Tips

Control your emotions and look at what you did wrong. Successful players tend to be brewers. Their brains are always churning. Have a good breakfast.

What Have You Learned from Magic

Patience. So many times you want the results now but understand that it will come once your skill is where it needs to be.

Parting Guidance

Have patience with yourself, your community and your store.

Magic Resource

Paragon City Games, twitchtv/paragoncitygames, MTGProtutor.com/giveaway200

Connect With Brian Andersen

Twitter: @JBrandersen

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