Blue in M15In my initial power ranking, I put Blue in M15 as the third best color. However, now I think it may be worse than Green but am still not sure. We’ll have to give the format a little more time and see how everything shakes out. Here it goes…

Top 5 non-rares

1. Illusory Angel is an all star. Even on turn 5, this Air Elemental just gets on the battlefield and does work.

2.Jace’s Ingenuity is a great comparison to Opportunity in M14. This powerful draw spell not only gets you back into games you were losing but can also pull you ahead in the control mirrors.

3.Ensoul Artifact is powerful and may be just as good as the number 1 card on this list, the issue is that it is very dependent on the deck you draft.

4.Encrust is a great defensive removal spell in any control deck. The issue with it is that in an aggressive deck, it takes up a prime spot on your mana curve.

5.Frost Lynx is a tempo card, important in all types of Blue aggro decks.


U/R is an artifact based deck using Ensoul Artifact and Shrapnel Blast are keys in this powerful archetype.

U/G convoke is similar to the white version but with counters and disruption. It doesn’t provide the same kind of explosive starts, but it is very consistent and is able to go over the top.

U/B is a good control deck but maybe not even the best in the format. Mono B control seems strong and with black being a relatively weak color, it may be easy to get into.

U/W is a tempo deck that is very hit or miss. you need all of the aggressive fliers in order for this archetype to be viable.

Mono U is not deep enough in my opinion to be a viable option in M15.

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