Black in M15Here we are, the final color in our metagame breakdown. Black in M15 is most likely the weakest color. However, it will deceive you because of the fact that many of the strongest commons and uncommons in the set are black.

 Top 5 non-rares

1. Stab Wound was great in Return to Ravinca and is great again here. The fact that it stops both Midnight Guard and Netcaster Spider really makes this card a bomb.

2. Covenant of Blood is just stone cold nuts. This card both gets you back into games and pulls you ahead in close games. It is a must have in any black deck and is a strong signal if you ever get this passed to you.

3.Flesh to Dust is nothing but a solid removal spell that can deal with everything in the format.

4.Necrogen Scudder can just flat out win games on its own. Its under-costed and has evasion, there is nothing better than that!

5.Ulcerate is a solid removal spell. Although the issue in the loss of life, one mana isn’t a lot to pay for this effect.


Mono B is the strongest of the five possible archetypes. It usually cuts off black at everywhere else on the table allowing you to have all of the powerful cards to yourself. Since the color is not very deep, this really is key.

B/U is the premier control archetype in M15. It combines a good amount of card draw with great evasive threats in the late game.

B/W has a few inherent issues but those can be avoided. Decide how you are going to win the game early in the draft e.g Heliod’s Pilgrim.

B/G while fairly powerful is not synergistic at all. With no B/G gold cards, this color combo is probably not something to aim for.

B/R is trying to be aggro, but without the necessary cheap threats and removal. STAY AWAY!!

Thank you for reading this series, I hope you enjoyed it and join me later this week for more metagame breakdowns!


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