276: Happiness and Self-Worth with Ben Ragan

Ben Ragan began playing Magic with Magic 2010 after quitting competitive chess in middle school. He top 8ed GP Toronto and has multiple SCG Tour Open Top 8s, as well as a heartbreaking ninth-place finish at an SCG Invitational.He has a minor addiction to casting Collected Company in Modern and firmly believes that Magic is about maximizing your options. When he isn’t competing, you can find him re-watching Game of Thrones or cook Italian food. Ben lives in Greenville.

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First Set


Favorite Set


Favorite Card

[draft]Collected Company[/draft]

Early Challenge

Ben struggled with not playing fast enough and having no idea what his opponents were doing.

Worst Magic Moment

When Ben was 13, he won a match at an event and his opponent was rude to him. Ben lost his cool and got angry too. He has since learned to not let others opinion bother him.

Proudest Magic Moment

Top 8 at GP Toronto and getting respect from his friends.

What Have You Learned From Magic

Even when you’re unhappy with some part of life, you can find happiness.

Advice To New Players

Read everything you can about Magic.

Biggest Mistake Players Make

Not playing sideboard games. Players don’t practice with their sideboard.

Tournament Preparation

Ben studies the meta and reads articles on the decks he wants to play. Then, he practices a ton. Ben did 20 Leagues leading up to the Grand Prix.

Parting Guidance

Find a group of people you can go to events with people who can grow with you.

Magic Resource

SCG, CFB, Ari Lax articles, Jim Davis stream, TCG Player

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