249: UK National Champion Autumn Burchett Returns and Shares Her Rise to the Top

Autumn Burchett last came on the podcast after her 11th place finishes at Pro Tour Battle for Zendikar. Since then she has become the English National Champion, going undefeated in a field of almost 400 people, and is now eagerly awaiting the World Magic Cup later this year in Nice, France. Autumn lives in London, UK.

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Catching Up

Streaming a lot more and attending more event. Autumn decided that she’s going to be practicing anyway, might as well stream it. It keeps her motivated.

Preparation for the Pro Tour

Autumn had quite different experiences working with two teams for two Pro tours. She learned it’s crucial to have a team that communicates and shares information. There’s a notion you have to have a team to do well, Autumn learned that it’s important to have a team that suits you.

English Nationals

Preparation went much better for this event because Autumn found a group that communicated well with her. She practiced a lot and shared the results. 36 hours before the event, she switched decks and jammed several games to get a feel of it.

Parting Guidance

Accept that sometimes Magic needs to take a back seat. When you come back you’ll be refreshed and ready to face new challenges.

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