92: Are You the Beat Down? Find Out with Autumn Burchett

Autumn Burchett broke onto the Magic scene with an 11th place finish at her first ever Pro Tour, Pro Tour Battle For Zendikar. Now a silver level pro player she is looking to follow up this early achievement with more top finishes. Autumn lives in Bristol.

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First Set

Return to Ravnica

Favorite Set

Shadows Over Innistrad

Favorite Card

Pack Rat

What makes Magic: The Gathering fun for you?

It’s always changing.

Early Challenge


You have to be actively aware of tilting in order to combat it and not let it affect your game-play.

Level Up Moment

Borrowed an Affinity deck and won a win-a-Goyf event.

What Autumn learned was when to play around cards and when not play around them. It’s a fine line but sometimes you need to commit and force your opponent to have the answer and sometimes you need to play around the answer.

Autumn played very well at this event and really feel she leveled up her understanding of playing around cards.

Worst Moment

Pro Tour Atlanta.

Autumn neglected basic self-care and it manifested in her results.

She learned that sleep, food, hydration and adequate breaks between rounds are crucial to keeping your mind sharp for a long day of Magic.

Proudest Magic Moment

Pro Tour Battle For Zendikar.

Autumn made 11th place at her first ever Pro Tour!

Biggest Mistake Players Make

Not knowing your role.

Identifying whether you are the beat down player or not is crucial.

This section is a must listen!

Improvement Suggestions

If you are just getting into Magic, watch streams.

That’s the cheapest way to improve.

Ozman, Darkest Mage and LSV are all great streamers who explain what they do so you can understand.

Magic Resource

Who’s the beatdown? by Michael J. Flores

Eight core principles of “Who’s the beatdown?” by Michael J. Flores

Limited Resources 239



Darkest Mage


Connect With Autumn Burchett

Twitter: @autumnoftheveil

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