M15 prerelease I hope you guys are ready for some M15 limited play! My name is Sam and I am here to take you through M15 from start to finish. We are going to start here on pre-release weekend and work our way all the way through rotation. So strap on your seat belts and get ready for the ride!

When approaching a new format I always just try to learn the cards. After a week or so of drafting I can usually get to the point where I can instantly recognize a card’s abilities from the picture alone. My brain also tells me in this millisecond whether or not the card is playable and how to judge its credentials within my current situation.

All of this muscle memory doesn’t just happen the second I sit down for my first draft or sealed event. I work on it all week long, reading articles and looking at spoilers, just to try and get a leg up. My theory is; if I can be a week ahead now, I can hopefully stay ahead of the curve weekly and sustain this advantage long term.

As both an MTGO and real life grinder, staying ahead of your own playgroup generally means only being on par with the world at large. So just because you are winning every draft at your local store, don’t think that there isn’t more to learn. In order to compete, you’re going to need to look at this stuff.

In order to help you on your search for new and interesting information I will leave you with a few links.

The first are Louis Scott-Vargas’s set reviews in which he delves into the commons and uncommons of each color. This is for the more competitive crowd, although the kitchen table magic player may find his puns a bit saucy.

I may be a bit biased, but for all of you going to your local game store this weekend, I suggest watching this video before you ever leave the house.

Lastly I would like to bring up the Limited Resources podcast. Marshall and Brian do a great job at covering the whole set and being entertaining while doing it. This is for causal and competitive players alike!

I will be back after pre-release weekend with a full on draft strategy guide so get ready and enjoy your pre-release!

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