218: The Secret to Recording Your Magic Games with Allen Wu

Allen Wu is a Master’s student at Stanford University where he studies Management Science and Engineering. He broke onto the Pro Tour by winning an MTGO PTQ 3 seasons in a row. His best results are 2 Grand Prix top 8’s with 1 win and going 10-6 in the last 3 Pro Tours. Allen lives in Mountain View, CA.

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First Set


Favorite Set

Time Spiral

Favorite Card

Vendilion clique


Early Challenge

Allen played a lot and got better by accident 🙂

Worst Magic Moment

At a Pro Tour, playing against  Mike Sigrist, Allen missed a play that would have won him the game. He missed out on qualifying for 2 more Pro Tour.

Proudest Magic Moment

Winning his first MTGO PTQ.

What Have You Learned From Magic

“Magic has improved my critical thinking.”

Best Format


Advice for Beginner Legacy

There are so many decisions and decks learn from every game.

Deepest Thing You’ve Learned About Yourself

Making great friends has been a fantastic side effect of playing Magic.

Biggest Mistake Players Make

Playing too scared. Players pump the brakes when they shouldn’t. You have to read how your opponents have been playing and surmise what they don’t have.

How to Effectively Prepare for a Big Event

Play a lot of Magic Online and get a group to play test.

Tournament Day Tips

Hangout with friends between rounds. Make sure you’re having fun.

Parting Guidance

Record your games and watch them.

Magic Resource

Watch videos and pause as you go talk with friends.

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