296: Stories From Pro Tour Dominaria with Aleksa Telarov (returning guest)

Aleksa Telarov has an impressive Magic record with 5 Grand Prix top 8’s (including 1 win), a World Magic Cup top 8, 3rd place at the 2014 MOCS, is a 9 time National Champion and has finished 12th place at a Pro Tour! Aleksa lives in Serbia.

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Year In Review

Aleksa was on the show back on episode 192. He returns to the podcast after some impressive results. This year he’s been through some downs and fought through them to stick with Magic.

Pro Tour Dominaria

Aleksa walks through his Pro Tour Dominaria experience in detail and breaks down what happened and what he learned.

Parting Guidance

Don’t get mad playing Magic. Remember it’s a game and enjoy it.

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