185: Meet Your Heroes as Peers – An AJ Sacher Journey

AJ Sacher is one of the greatest minds in Magic: The Gathering. He has 2 Grand Prix top 8s and 15 StarCityGames top 8s with 2 wins. He’s created content for StarCityGames, TCG Player and is currently writing articles, shooting videos and streaming for Numot Gaming. AJ lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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First Set


Favorite Set

Kamigawa – Time Spiral

Favorite Card


Early Challenge

Hubris. AJ thought he knew more than everyone and it stopped him from progressing until he realized this got in his way.

Breakthrough Moment

Going Pro after just over a year. AJ made top 8 of a GP in Denver. This was a turning point for AJ.

Worst Magic Moment

At Pro Tour, San Juan AJ didn’t win a game. He also turned down an offer to play the best deck. AJ realized that he had to take care of himself first.

Proudest Magic Moment

Top 8 at GP Costa Rica / Meeting his heroes as peers.

What Have You Learned From Magic

Time management, resources management, critical thinking, deduction, induction, etc.

Best Format


Ideal Tournament Preparation

Time management is critical. These are only so many hours to prepare for a tournament, utilize that time that time wisely.

Biggest Mistake Players Make

People’s pride get in the way of their learning. Also, people just play cards on autopilot instead of actually playing a game of Magic.

Tournament Day Tips

Hydrate, eat, wash your face, go to the bathroom and sleep.

Parting Guidance

Hubris is poisonous. Have the humility to learn. Also, reflect on what you want out of Magic.

Magic Resource

SCG, CFB, TCG Player, Numot gaming, Steaming (Twitch)

Deck Building Master Class – Pros reveal their process in approaching the meta, asking the right questions and building tournament-winning decks.

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