128: Travis Woo Reveals the Planeswalker that Can’t Be Attacked

Travis Woo is a strong Magic personality who has made Top 8 of a Grand Prix 3 times from the 12 he’’s attended. He also developed a decklist that made it to the top 8 of a Pro Tour. He runs the Magic For Good Facebook group and more of his content can be found on his YouTube channel, youtube.com/traviswizard. Travis lives in Humble, California.

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First Set

The Dark

Favorite Card

Shambling Vent

What makes Magic: The Gathering fun for you?

“I’m invested in it. It’s a vehicle to share energy with people”

Early Challenge

Mulliganing. The new mulligan rule really helps.
Deck building. Travis built a lot of decks on his own to overcome his lack of confidence.


Kai Budde, Jon FinkelPatrick Chapin, LSV, Ben Stark, Mike Flores

Worst Magic Moment

Letting the community down. Driving far and doing poorly.

Proudest Magic Moment

Hearing community members say he’s made a difference in their life.
Top 8 Grand Pix Oakland 2013 with his brother.

Best Format


Deepest Thing You’ve Learned About Yourself

“I’m constantly evolving”

Biggest Mistake Players Make

People not preparing the right way. Many players will play and learn nothing.


Not having a Pro Team. Need to network to overcome this.

Daily Habits

Bike ride, record videos, risk life (surfing), eat good food

How to Effectively Prepare for a Big Event

Travis was involved in a private Magic coaching group. He was helping others prepare for their events and absorbed an understanding of the format. Have a plan to win. The brain is most alert on an empty stomach.

Improvement Suggestions

Win the next game. Take one game at a time.

Magic Resource

Next Level Deck Building
Travis Woo’s book
Seek out players doing well in the format you want to play.
Magic For Good Facebook Group.

Connect With Travis Woo

Twitter: @traviswizard

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