131: Why Did You Start Playing? with Thierry Ramboa

Thierry Ramboa started playing magic 12 years ago but wasn’t able to travel or play competitively until April 2015. He reached Silver level pro status in 2015 and has attended every European GP’s since then. He Top 8’d Grand Prix Sydney.

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First Set

5th Dawn

Favorite Set

Ravnica City of Guilds (Izzet)

Early Challenge

Always felt he was unlucky. Thinking through the situation and realizing that if the same thing happens it’s not luck.

Worst Magic Moment

Came back after a break and did so poorly he thought magic wasn’t for him. Friends helped him get through it.

Proudest Magic Moment

Top 8 of Grand Prix Sydney. Just focus on the match.

Best Format

Standard – Look at best decks in the format. Use MTG Goldfish and pick a deck that can beat the top 3.

Deepest Thing You’ve Learned About Yourself

Tone down his over confidence.

Pro Tour Testing

Focus on limited and brewing. Run small tournaments within the Team and see results of each deck.

Biggest Mistake Players Make

Being over confident. Think “How can I lose” and plan accordingly.

How to Effectively Prepare for a Big Event

Played 2-4 drafts a day for the week.


Talking with others about magic. You get new ideas

What’s in Your Tournament Bag

Deck Box, deck, water, pen, dice

Entry Level Suggestions

Borrow cards from other players. Use proxies (not in tournaments)

Improvement Suggestions

Never forget why you started playing.

Magic Resource

MTG Top 8
MTG Goldfish
MTG Mintcard

Connect With Thierry Ramboa

Twitter: @El_Gran_Boa

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