100: A Surprise + Special Return Guest for Episode 100!!

Shaun Penrod is the host of the top rated Magic: The Gathering podcast, MTG Pro Tutor. The Professor runs the #1 MTG related YouTube channel, Tolarian Community College, and is the first repeat guest on MTG Pro Tutor. (Even though technically he’s the host of this episode.) 😉

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First Set

Tempest block

Favorite Set

Future Sight / Innistrad

Favorite Card

Akroma’s MemorialAvacyn, Angel of Hope

What makes Magic: The Gathering fun for you?


Level Up Moment

Reading an article by Michael J. Flores about casting instants on your own turn.

Best Format


Connect With Shaun Penrod

Twitter: @ShaunPenrod

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Magic Story brings the lore of the Multiverse to life in an audio presentation never before heard in the Magic community.

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Visit www.mtgprotutor.com/episode100

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