98: Don’t Make the Most Obvious Plays with Scott Lipp

Scott Lipp has 2 Grand Prix top 8’s, and came in 16th at Grand Prix Vegas (BIGGEST GP EVER), He made top 4 at the Junior Super Series Worlds in 1999. He’s a father, a store owner, and lives in Kansas City.

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First Set

Arabian Nights

Favorite Set

8th Ed. / Invasion block

Favorite Card

Chaos Orb

What makes Magic: The Gathering fun for you?

Loves seeing new players come into his store and fall in love with Magic.

Early Challenge

Scott played too quickly. He had to learn patience.

Level Up Moment

When Scott started playing cards that he enjoyed instead of the cards/decks that were simply “the best”.

Worst Moment

Having a really bum birthday weekend at GP Atlantic City

Proudest Magic Moment

Getting back on the Pro Tour train.

Deepest Thing You’ve Learned About Yourself

Learning how to manage friendships.

Biggest Mistake Players Make

Making the most obvious play.

Tapping mana wrong.

Not sequencing lands and cards correctly.

KNOW your deck, know your match up and use this knowledge to manage your plays and play around the right cards.

Improvement Suggestions

Go watch Twitch and read articles.

Treat opponents with respect.

Do research and know the decks.

Have a game plan.

Recognize your tells.

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Connect With Scott Lipp

Twitter: @Spanky_KC

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