125: The Playtesting Tip That Made Robert Lombardi a Grand Prix Champion

Robert Lombardi has a Degree in Mechatronics Engineering, he’’s married and has a 6 month old son. He has been playing Magic since Visions, took a break in Odyssey and got back in during Zendikar. He’’s the Champion of Grand Prix Toronto and made Top 8 of Grand Prix Montreal. He’’s much better at Limited than Constructed and is actively trying to be less hyperbolic.

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First Set

4th Edition

Favorite Set

Khans of Tarkir

Favorite Card

Lightning Bolt

What makes Magic: The Gathering fun for you?

Deck building

Worst Magic Moment

Losing to an “unplayable” card. Sub par cards when used correctly have a place. Expand your range.

Proudest Magic Moment

Winning GP Toronto.

Conversation with Yourself 10 Years Ago

Don’t get out of the game. Go straight to university.

Deepest Thing You’ve Learned About Yourself

He was a poor loser.

Biggest Mistake Players Make

Restricting themselves to archetypes in draft. You need to be able to draft a good deck regardless of what you open.

How to Effectively Prepare for a Big Event

A lot of free time leading up to the Grand Prix. 6 hours a day playing against the best decks (the gauntlet).

Daily Rituals

Draft daily.


John Buden, Patrick Chapin

What’s in Your Tournament Bag

Binder of rares, Dragon Shield Sleeves, 10 of each land

Improvement Suggestions

Consume, content; articles, streams/videos; make friends & share cards. Focus on learning instead of winning during play testing. Treat your opponent with more respect.

Magic Resource

LSV, Patrick Chapin, Huey, Owen, Reid Duke

Connect With Robert Lombardi

Twitter: @RobertLombardi0

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