Title169: Reid Duke on How to Prepare for Success

Reid Duke has an impressive record of 19 Grand Prix Top Eights with 5 wins and 2 PT Top Eights with 2 additional Top Sixteens. He’s lauded in the Magic community as a boon of positivity and a shining example of kindness. Reid is mentioned by several past guests of the show as a player they look up to. Reid lives in Sugar Loaf New York.

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First Set

4th Edition / Ice Age

Favorite Set

Shards of Alara / Ice Age

Favorite Card

Green sun’s zenith

Early Challenge

Reid did poorly at his first several Pro Tour. He was used to PTQ level players when the Pro Tour had much higher caliber players.

Worst Magic Moment

Placing 2nd at World Championship in 2013.
Reid was up 2 games in the finals and then lost 3 games in a row.

Proudest Magic Moment

Doing so well at Worlds 2013 and making it to 2nd place. Also, winning the mocs 2011.

Magic Mentors


Advice for New Legacy Players

Stick with the same deck.

Biggest Mistake Players Make

Players try to do too much. The more you get into Magic the more time management becomes important.

How to Effectively Prepare for a Big Event

Reid starts about 3 weeks in advance. Reid will draft as much as possible and play practice games with locals and online.

What have You Learned from Magic

Reid has learned, to be honest with himself and these around him. He has learned to not cut corners.


Time management and deck building.

Daily Habits

Quality practice over quantity. Reid doesn’t multiqueue or listen to music.

Improvement Suggestions

Stick with Magic through the good and the bad.

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