116: Long Term Goals Will Get You There with Niels Molle

Niels Molle is the frontrunner to be the Irish National Champion, he has made multiple cash finishes and has 1 Grand Prix Top 8.

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First Set

Portal / Stronghold

Favorite Set

Urza’s Saga

Favorite Card


What makes Magic: The Gathering fun for you?

Fantasy setting, build your own decks.

Competitive outlet.

“How good can I become?” Get to see friends

Play a variety of formats to keep it fun.

Worst Magic Moment

Lost Irish National Champion at last moment. Played a little less Magic.

Played a little less Magic afterwards to cool off.

Proudest Magic Moment

Won first PTQ (Pro Tour RTR)

Biggest Mistake Players Make

In Limited: mistapping mana and not representing combat tricks.

Change One Thing About Magic

Mana issues. Sometimes you get … screwed at a tournament.

Sometimes you get mana screwed at a tournament.

What’s the Difference between Them and Us?

Experience. They play Magic with players on their same level.

Stepping Up

Find the best player at your LGS. Ask to play and get advice.

Play Magic online. Skill level is high and you can play against the best.

Pro Player You Look Up To

Paul Rietzl, PVDDR, Frank Karsten

Effectively Playtesting

Play a lot and focus on the game

Non-Magic Activity

Time management skills really helps Niels.

Self Improvement

Niels is an emotional player, meaning he plays intuitively, he makes plays that feel right. He’s trying to slow down and think.

Magic Resource

Podcasts – Limited Resources

Articles –


CFB (deck breakdowns)



Set a long term goal and make it your focus.

Connect With Niels Molle

Twitter: @nielsmolle

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