96: Magic is Never Solved with Michael Simon

Michael Simon is a longtime Grand Prix grinder who went 8-1 in his first Grand Prix. He then played 15 Grand Prix in a single year. Michael has two Grand Prix Top 8s – Modern (Chicago 2012) and Limited (Albuquerque 2016) – but first Qualified for the Pro Tour with a 10th place at Pittsburgh 2015. Micahel always wears an Izzet shirt.

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First Set


Favorite Set

Time Spiral

Favorite Card

Words of Wind

What makes Magic: The Gathering fun for you?

Magic is never solved. This keeps Michael coming back for more.

Lowest Magic Moment

There was a period of 3 years when Michael didn’t qualify for the Pro Tour and made him doubt his ability.

Proudest Magic Moment

Michael kept a one-land hand on a low mull and won. His opponent was very salty. Later, he went to the store owned by his opponent and then man came out and apologized for how he behaved and gave Michael credit for a good game.

Being accepted by his opponent was very validating for Michael.

Best Format


If you’re new, find a deck with a sideboard that does not require you to know the match up.

Biggest Mistake Players Make

Just “playing” your cards without thinking. Think “why do I want to play this card right now?”

Think “why do I want to play this card right now?”

What’s in Your Tournament Bag




KMC Hyper Matte



Improvement Suggestions

What happened in the past is mostly irrelevant; so is the future. Focus on the now.

Don’t tell yourself unrealistic advice.

Connect With Michael Simon

Twitter: @mechalink

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