99: Map Your Turn to Victory with Michael Majors

Michael Majors is a Professional Magic player who lives in Roanoke VA and works at StarCityGames. He has 3 Grand Prix Top 8’s, including a win at GP San Diego in 2015, and has 2 Pro Tour Top 16s. He’s part of the Vintage Super Series duo Merriam and Majors.

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First Set

Mercadian Masques

Favorite Set

Time Spiral

Favorite Card


What makes Magic: The Gathering fun for you?

Winning is always nice but the friends he’s made has kept Michael around.

Early Challenge

Identifying what in each game is important.

Worst Magic Moment

2015 was a rough year for Michael. He missed Platinum by a few points in 2014 and this affected Michael for most of the next season. Finally, at GP San Diego, he let go of caring and got first place. This reinvigorated him and he’s done great since.

Proudest Magic Moment

When Michael finally made Platinum Pro.

Best Format


If you’re new to Standard make one deck and stick with it to get it down, making adjustments as you go to meet your meta.

Biggest Mistake Players Make

Not using time wisely.

While your opponent is taking their turn, you can be thinking and planning.

Also, map your turn all the through. Don’t just make the very next play, think of the full sequence.

Card Evaluation Tips

Compare new cards to older, similar cards to start determining how good they are.

How to Effectively Prepare for a Big Event

Play a lot on Magic Online.

Play in person twice a week for several hours each session.

What’s in Your Tournament Bag






Improvement Suggestions

If you are loving an aspect of Magic then don’t change that. If you want to become more competitive then build one deck and practice.

Magic Resource

Star City Games

Connect With Michael Majors

Twitter: @MichaelJMajors

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