M15 color breakdownAt the pre-release I found red to be by far the best color. I actually saw this and planned to play red at the pre-release. It turned out that my pool wasn’t strong enough to play red but I still thought the color was bonkers. I opened a bunch of goblins and could have had a very good aggressive deck if not for the lack of a solid support color. I ended up U/B control and lost in the finals to an aggressive red deck.

I am not sure how good Blue is yet but I ended up with a Jace, the Living Guildpact, a Master of Predicaments, and two Jace’s Ingenuity. So my record at the tournament probably doesn’t quite show the true blue.

After the complete dominance of blue in M14, decreasing the power level of the color seems obvious.

Meanwhile, I think green is similar in power level to M14. Elvish Mystic turboing into a three drop is still great and with good four drops the color has some beef. The convoke cards in green are all excellent finisher and if you can get enough elves and a good curve, this deck is a contender.

Red has a lot of burn to go along with its aggressive creatures. In M14 red didn’t have the aggressive creatures required to make its burn deadly. I think this changes in M15 making red the top dog.

Black seemed like a support color to me in M15. There is no Corrupt, Nightmare, or Liturgy of Blood that rewards you for playing mono B.

White has a lot of aggressive soldiers and can definitely go wide. I didn’t get to see a lot of white at the pre-release but expect the color to be good in draft.

Overall I think that red will be the best color in Limited but will also be over drafted and over played. Mono W seems strong but hard to do and Blue seems to have lost some of its pizazz.

Join me next week as I go over some of my initial thoughts on drafting M15.

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