03: Jon Finkel’s Desperate Ravings on Boosting Your Skill as a Magic Player

Jon Finkel’s prolific talents and sterling resume earned him the nickname “Jonny Magic” long ago. After a substantial hiatus, Jon Finkel returned to the Pro Tour and immediately demonstrated why he’s widely considered the greatest player of all time by winning PT Kuala Lampur in 2008 and Top 8’ing PT Avacyn Restored and PT Dark Ascension in 2012.

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First Set

Antiquties Antiquities (1994)

Favorite Set

272px-Innistrad_expansion_symbol.svg Innistrad (2011) – “Was the pinnacle of Limted set design.”

Favorite Card

Desperate Ravings

What makes Magic fun for you?

The depth of the game and the ability to add on to the basic framework through the expansions is what keeps Jon engaged.

Early Challenge

Not running enough lands in control decks and not playing 60 card decks.

Level Up Moment

Realizing that playing other decks outside your comfort zone can lead to growth and improvement as a player, not to mention better results.

Proudest Magic Moment

Making first Pro Tour Top 8 at Chicago in 1997

Best Format


Biggest Mistake Players Make

Not being open to playing the best deck. Not playing Magic with the intention to improve. You need to be conscious of what you play and how you play so you can improve.

Connect with Jon

Twitter: @Jonnymagic00

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