149: Special Guest Jason Preston Helps Us Apply Magic Skills to the Workplace

Jason Preston is the co-founder of Dent, a conference and a community of entrepreneurially minded creatives who seek to put a dent in the universe through great leadership and personal mastery. He’s known as “Spade” in Counter-Strike, and recently picked up Magic. Jason lives in Seattle WA with his wife and two kids.

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Thing In The Ice

Personal Mastery

There is a difference between having a set mindset and having a growth mindset. With a growth mindset you can unlock certain aspects of yourself that were previously thought to be written in the genetic code.

Deliberate Practice

The best way to improve. It most be specific, measurable and real time.

Hiring and Firing

Just like we have to evaluate the value of cards and decide which ones stays in our deck and which ones go, we likewise exercise this skill in the workplace when deciding what aspects of our culture or which team members stay or get cut.

Adaptive Leadership

Diagnose the system, come up with interventions (experiments to try), implement, check results, repeat.

Leadership vs. Authority

There is formal authority and informal authority. Who says what and who jumps because of it.



Connect With Jason Preston

Twitter: @jasonp

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