165: Why You Should Stick to Your Guns with Daniel Cathro

Daniel Cathro is a newcomer to the competitive Magic scene as he only started playing competitively with Dragons of Tarkir. He qualified for his first Pro Tour at Eldritch Moon through an RPTQ and just qualified for Pro tour Aether Revolt to make 3 Pro Tours in a row. Daniel lives in Provo, Utah.

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First Set

4th Edition

Favorite Set

Magic Origins

Favorite Card

Goblin Rabblemaster

Early Challenge

Constructed specifically sideboarding. Daniel read a ton of sideboard guides to flesh out his knowledge.

Level Up Moment

Round one of his first Pro Tour, Daniel played against Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa and won!

Worst Magic Moment

At his second Pro Tour, Daniel didn’t earn a Pro Point and felt really bad – since his first PT he did very well.

Proudest Magic Moment

2016 has been amazing. Danny feels very validated.

Deepest Thing You’ve Learned About Yourself

Danny is able to see odds not pan out and not be upset.

Biggest Mistake Players Make

Many [layers will over think a situation or give their opponent too much credit. Play your game plan.

Best Format


Advice for Beginner Modern Player

Pick a deck and learn it inside and out.

Activity that Leads to Success

Play and testing with friends have been invaluable.

Improvement Suggestions

Stick to your guns. Learn a deck or strategy and double down on it.

Magic Resource

Limited Resources, CFB, SCG, Event coverage

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