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What’s Inside

Scourge of FleetsSwarmborn giantCyclops of eternal furyTormented thoughtsOppressive rays
Bloodcrazed hopliteGluttonous cyclopsPheres-band thunderhoofKruphix’s insightReturned reveler
Harvestguard alseidsNyx infusionHumbler of mortalsArmament of nyx

The Best Ones

Scourge of FleetsOppressive raysHumbler of mortals

Watch the video to learn why these are the best.

My Pick

Scourge of Fleets

This Kraken is a great finisher in Limited. By the time you can cast it you should have a decent amount of islands out to blank many of your opponents’ blockers.

At seven mana the Scourge should be at the top of your curve and the rest of your deck should be focused on controling the game so you last long enough to get this creature out.

What Do You Think?

Leave a comment below and let’s have a discussion. Would you pick something else over Scourge of Fleets?

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