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What’s Inside

Bearer of the heavensTriton cavalryNyx-fleece ramSightless brawlerDreadbringer lampads
Flurry of hornsSatyr grovedancerWar-wing sirenLagonna-band trailblazerSatyr hoplite
Aerial formationGrim guardianNature’s panoplyAjani’s presence

The Best Ones

Flurry of hornsGrim guardianAjani’s presenceSightless brawler

Watch the video to learn why these are the best.

My Pick

Ajani’s presence

Making your creatures indestructable is invaluable. You can surprise your opponent an wipe out his board.

You can easily get two activations out of Ajani’s Presence and if you ever get three then that should be game winning for you.

I think Ajani’s Presence is an excellent combat trick that combos nicely with what white decks want to do; that is activate the heroic ability on it’s cards and win.

What Do You Think?

Leave a comment below and let’s have a discussion. Would you pick something else over Ajani’s Presence?

By pooling our knowledge we can all improve and win more drafts.

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