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What’s Inside

Temple of epiphanySwarmborn giantBlinding flareQuarry colossusMortal obstinacy
Cruel feedingBladetusk boarRenowned weaverTriton shorestalkerFeast of dreams
Oakheart dryadsFont of vigorRouse the mobGodhunter octopus

The Best Ones

Temple of epiphanyBladetusk boarOakheart dryadsQuarry colossusFeast of dreams

Watch the video to learn why these are the best.

My Pick

Quarry colossus

Although it’s expensive, Quarry Colossus is the only card in the pack that has the potential of turning a losing game into a winning one.

The ability to bury a creature in your opponent’s library not only clears up the board a bit but blanks one of their future draws.

After the colossus has sent a creature back to the library, he sticks around providing a heft body that can attack and block nicely, buying you time to draw into another answer.

What Do You Think?

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