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What’s Inside

End hostilitiesRaiders’ spoilsHighspire mantisSandsteppe citadelKill shot
Wind-scarred cragAct of treasonSnowhorn riderJeskai windscoutThornwood falls
Rotting mastodonFeed the clanTrumpet blastSage-eye harrier

The Best Ones

End hostilitiesHighspire mantisSandsteppe citadelSnowhorn rider

Watch the video to learn why these are the best.

My Pick

End Hostilities

How do you evaluate End Hostilities? Let’s see.

A board wipe can get you back in the game. Just be sure you’re quick to follow with big board presence.

Development: With End Hostilities in my opening hand I can choose to sand bag and set back my opponent.

Parity: You lose your creatures too, so depending on the situation you may not want to fire this spell off.

Winning: Board wipes are among the few cards that are awful when you’re ahead.

Losing: Buy youself time and set your opponent back.

What Do You Think?

A rising tide lifts all ships.

Would you make the same first pick I did?

Leave a comment below.



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