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What’s Inside

Siege rhinoAbzan falconerBecome immenseBlinding sprayJungle hollow
Longshot squadKheru dreadmawJeskai bannerSultai scavengerSmoke teller
Feat of resistanceAinok trackerCrippling chillDefiant strike

The Best Ones

Siege rhinoAbzan falconerJungle hollow

Watch the video to learn why these are the best.

My Pick

Siege Rhino

How do you evaluate Siege Rhino? Let’s see.

Development: A 6 point life swing on turn 4 is very much in your favor. A 4/5 trample doesn’t hurt either.

Parity: Top decking Siege Rhino isn’t going to win the game but the life swing can put your opponent on their back foot.

Winning: Unless it’s a board wipe most cards are not bad when you are ahead.

Losing: Not a game turning card this one.

What Do You Think?

A rising tide lifts all ships.

Would you make the same first pick I did?

Leave a comment below.



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