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What’s Inside

Wingmate rocDespiseRide downScion of glaciersTranquil cove
Tusked colossodonAbzan guideKheru dreadmawMardu skullhunterSagu archer
Ainok bond-kinShatterWhirlwind adeptMardu hordechief

The Best Ones

Wingmate rocTranquil coveAbzan guideAinok bond-kin

Watch the video to learn why these are the best.

My Pick

Wingmate roc

How do you evaluate Wingmate Roc? Let’s see.

Development: At the tip of the development phase Wingmate Roc is a happy site to see in your opening hand.

Parity: If I top decked Wingmate Roc I would make a sacrificial attack and then play it. Six power in the air can turn the corner for you.

Winning: You will definitely keep winning with this bird.

Losing: If you get the copy when you’re behind you will have relevant blockers to keep you alive. Wingmate Roc has what it takes, with a little set up.

What Do You Think?

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