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What’s Inside

Grim haruspexMardu roughriderTemur charmBrave the sandsAlabaster kirin
Sultai bannerSummit prowlerMystic of the hidden wayBloodfell cavesMolting snakeskin
Dragonscale boonFirehoof cavalryShatter

The Best Ones

Grim haruspexMardu roughriderAlabaster kirinBloodfell caves

Watch the video to learn why these are the best.

My Pick

Grim haruspex

How do you evaluate Grim Haruspex? Let’s see.

Development: With Grim Haruspex in your opening hand you can set up some extra card draws.

Parity: The grim wizard might not be bad at parity because you can make attacks and blocks that will yield card advantage and hopefully draw a tru tie breaker.

Winning: Against a clear board the Grim Haruspex still has 3 attack that can hurt your opponent something fierce.

Losing: Without other non-token creatures to die and get you cards Grim Haruspex won’t do much in the way of turning around a game.

This was a close call between Grim Haruspex and Mardu Roughrider. Both are great at what they do.

What Do You Think?

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