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What’s Inside

Mantis riderHeart-piercer bowWatcher of the roostScion of glaciersScout the borders
ThrottleDebilitating injuryFeed the clanMardu skullhunterKin-tree warden
Swift kickCancelFeat of resistanceBloodfire expert

The Best Ones

Mantis riderFeat of resistanceDebilitating injury

Watch the video to learn why these are the best.

My Pick

Mantis rider

How do you evaluate Mantis Rider? Let’s see.

Development: Casting Mantis Rider on turn three is great! It’s hard to do because of the tri color casting cost.

Parity: An evasion creature that can attack and block is great in parity.

Winning: Mantis Rider will be a big reason why you win if you get him out early.

Losing: Blocking and attacking are key to turning a game around and Mantis Rider does both.

What Do You Think?

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