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What’s Inside

Sultai ascendancyQuiet contemplationSwarm of bloodfliesBlinding sprayTranquil cove
Highland gameUnyielding krumarTusked colossodonDutiful returnSagu archer
Disdainful strokeSalt road patrolTrumpet blastWeave fate

The Best Ones

Sultai ascendancyTranquil coveSagu archer

Watch the video to learn why these are the best.

My Pick

Sultai ascendancy

How do you evaluate Sultai Ascendancy? Let’s see.

Development: Playing Sultai Ascendancy on turn three will give you so much card selection throughout the game. It also is the engine for a great Delve deck.

Parity: This enchantment doesn’t affect the board enough to break a parity situation. The best you get is card selection (which is not bad at all).

Winning: Like most cards Sultai Ascendancy isn’t bad when you’re winning but it doesn’t put much pressure on your foe.

Losing: Not the best card when you’re losing because it does nothing the turn you play it. Hopefully on the next turn you can get into an answer.

Sultai Ascendancy is a build around me card for sure. Be sure to back it up by taking all the Delve cards you can.

What Do You Think?

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