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What’s Inside

Sagu maulerPine walkerMardu blazebringerMardu roughriderTusked colossodon
Swiftwater cliffsShambling attendantsMardu bannerKin-tree wardenKrumar bond-kin
Treasure cruiseMardu hatebladeLeaping masterMonastery flock

The Best Ones

Sagu maulerPine walkerMardu hatebladeTreasure cruise

Watch the video to learn why these are the best.

My Pick

Sagu mauler

How do you evaluate Sagu Mauler? Let’s see.

Development: If morphed on turn 5 Sagu Mauler is about the best development card you can ask for.

Parity: Sagu Mauler can break a parity situation by being so hard to interact. The only real way to kill it is with multiple blocks.

Winning: Yup. The beast won’t derail your winning train.

Losing: You can block almost anything and with a trick to protect it the Mauler can turn things around for you.

I have been on the receiving end of the Mauler. He is so hard to fight. Multiple blocks is about the only way to deal with it and when he gets beefed up it’s nigh impossible to break through.

What Do You Think?

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