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What’s Inside

Master of pearlsWitness of the agesSandsteppe citadelMardu blazebringerShambling attendants
Lens of clarityScout the bordersThrottleWoolly loxodonDisowned ancestor
Trumpet blastTaigam’s schemingEraseValley dasher

The Best Ones

Master of pearlsWitness of the agesThrottleDisowned ancestor

Watch the video to learn why these are the best.

My Pick

Master of pearls

How do you evaluate Master of Pearls? Let’s see.

Development: Amazing in your opening hand! You choose whether you need a bear or can save him till later for his flip up ability.

Parity: Top decking the Master and playing him face down will shift the parity game. You can then turn him face up for a big surprise.

Winning: Master of Pearls is great when winning.

Losing: The Master isn’t the best card when you’re losing. At best you can make one big block but if they have more creatures you’re still toast.

All in all, Master of Pearls is Fantastic. I drafted him recently and was very please with the versatility.

What Do You Think?

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Would you first pick Master of Pearls from this pack?

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