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What’s Inside

Mantis riderTake up armsMystic monasteryDragon gripBlossoming sands
NaturalizeJeskai bannerRakshasa’s secretSultai scavengerAlpine grizzly
Glacial stalkerMardu hordechiefArrow stormTreasure cruise

The Best Ones

Mantis riderTake up armsMystic monasteryTreasure cruise

Watch the video to learn why these are the best.

My Pick

Take up arms

How do you evaluate Take Up Arms? Let’s see.

Development: At 5 mana Take Up Arms is right on the edge of being a development card. If you play it on turn 5 (or sooner) then you affect the board in a nice way.

Parity: Top decking this card won’t win you the game but will give you extra attackers and blockers. That’s always good.

Winning: Take Up Arms will keep you ahead.

Losing: Take Up Arms will keep you alive while you draw answers.

Don’t overlook the fact that Take Up Arms is mono colored and only one colored mana symbol. That goes a long way.

What Do You Think?

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Would you first pick Take Up Arms from this pack?

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