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What’s Inside

Hardened scalesHighspire mantisMaster the wayKheru dreadmawSwiftwater cliffs
Highland gameMardu bannerRite of the serpentHooting mandrillsTaigam’s scheming
EraseValley dasherWetland sambar

The Best Ones

Hardened scalesRite of the serpentHighspire mantis

Watch the video to learn why these are the best.

My Pick

Hardened scales

How do you evaluate Hardened Scales? Let’s see.

Development: Fantastic card to have in your opening hand. On turn one you aren’t doing anything else interesting so getting this down is great.
This enchantment does get worse the further into the game you go. YOu don’t want to take a turn off to play it.

Parity: Not great at parity unless you have creatures with outlast on the board and ca start ramping them up.

Winning: Not a real ringer when you’re winning.

Losing: Terrible. With no other creatures to support it you’ll be wishing you had something else.

The earlier the better with Hardened Scales. Look for outlast creatures and other ways to give +1/+1 counters.

What Do You Think?

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Would you first pick Hardened Scales from this pack?

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