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What’s Inside

Jeskai ascendancyHeir of the wildsRide downTimely hordemateSinging bell strike
Temur bannerSiegecraftSnowhorn riderBring lowDutiful return
Sagu archerCanyon lurkersDisdainful strokeSalt road patrol

The Best Ones

Heir of the wildsSinging bell strikeSagu archerJeskai ascendancy

Watch the video to learn why these are the best.

My Pick

Heir of the Wilds

How do you evaluate Heir of the Wilds? Let’s see.

Development: Heir of the Wilds is great in your opening hand because he is a bear with deathtouch! That’s outstanding. Then he can get bigger when you play bigger creatures.

Parity: Your not turning the corner if you top deck the Heir but at least you ensure they don’t attack because they are worried about deathtouch.

Winning: If you’re winning you’re winning and Heir of the Wilds won’t stop you.

Losing: Heir of the Wilds can not single handedly turn a game around, but he can take out the biggest attacker and buy you time.

Being mono color makes Heir of the Wilds the stand out in this pack. I don’t want to commit to a clan by taking a gold card too early.

What Do You Think?

A rising tide raises all ships.

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Would you first pick Heir of the Wilds Priest from this pack?

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