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Sorry about the lighting. I recognize it is dark and not up to par with my other videos. The sun had started to go down and my office was getting dark.

What’s Inside

Mass calcifyAltac bloodseekerLeeching sliverUlcerateDivination
SoulmenderOrnithopterTorch fiendEncrustSiege wurm
Necromancer’s assistantInferno fistVoid snareDivine favor

The Best Ones

UlcerateAltac bloodseekerSiege wurm

Watch the video to learn why these are the best.

My Pick


Ulcerate doesn’t really hit home in the quadrant theory but it is cheap removal.

Removal is at a premium in Limited and should be taken highly, especially if it’s cheap.
These days common removal costs 5, a la Flesh to Dust, so something that costs one, even with a draw back is good.

What Do You Think?

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