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Sorry about the lighting. I recognize it is dark and not up to par with my other videos. The sun had started to go down and my office was getting dark.

What’s Inside

Avacyn, guardian angelInto the voidNissa’s expeditionParagon of eternal wildsSeraph of the masses
Sign in bloodLiving totemEternal thirstNetcaster spiderNecromancer’s assistant
Fugitive wizardRazorfoot griffinMiner’s baneCoral barrier

The Best Ones

Avacyn, guardian angelInto the voidNetcaster spider

Watch the video to learn why these are the best.

My Pick

Avacyn, guardian angel

How does Avacyn, Guardian Angel stands up in the quadrant theory? Let’s see.

Development: By costing 5 mana Avacyn is right on the edge of development. If she was the most expensive card in my opening hand and I had 3 lands I’d be happy to keep her.
If you can play her on time she’s a great development card.

Parity: If your hnds are played out and you have mana up Avacyn, Guardian Angel is great at parity. You can attack with your creatures and then prevent damage from the color of you choice.
This allows you to attack and if your opponent blocks you can save your creatures while clearing theirs.

Winning: Avacyn will finish the game if you are ahead by making it hard for your creatures to die in combat and by being 5 power in the air.

Losing: Avacyn, Guardian Angel is just what you want when you’re losing. She can attack and block in the air with a hefty 5 power. She protects your other creatures, allowing them to block and not die.
This will buy you valuable time if you are behind.

Avacyn does so much, I am very happy to see her in this pack. Note she cannot protect herself so she can fall prey to a Netcaster Spider.
She does have 3 white mana symbols so you are going to want at least 9 sources in your deck and I would suggest at least 1 Evolving Wilds.
Her upside is really high so I’ll definitely first pick her.

What Do You Think?

A rising tide raises all ships.

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Would you first pick Avacyn, Guardian Angel?

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