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What’s Inside

Spectra wardReclamation sageLeeching sliverMilitary intelligenceLiving totem
Unmake the gravesEvolving wildsCrippling blightFlesh to dustAccursed spirit
Coral barrierEphemeral shieldsThundering giantResearch assistant

The Best Ones

Spectra wardFlesh to dust

Watch the video to learn why these are the best.

My Pick

Spectra ward

How does Spectra Ward stand up in the quadrant theory? Let’s see.

Development: Spectra Ward is at the top of the development end. If I have it in my opening hand I am really going to consider keeping the hand and curve out to cast it.

Parity: If you are equally matched with your opponent slam Spectra Ward down and win.

Winning: Resolving Spectra Ward is the definition of winning in M15.

Losing: Played on the right creature Spectra Ward will stop the attacks and buy you time to win.

I love Love LOVE Spectra Ward. Please be careful when you cast it and don’t let your opponent remove the target in response.
Once you resolve Spectra Ward the clock starts ticking and your opponent’s only real chance is overwhelming numbers.

Through out the draft look for some Heliod’s Pilgrims and Boonweaver Giants to tutor up your win condition.

What Do You Think?

A rising tide raises all ships.

Leave a comment below so we can pool our knowledge and win more drafts.

Would you first pick Spectra Ward? (If not WHY?!?!?!)

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