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What’s Inside

Scuttling doom engineNecrogen scudderRoaring primadoxStaff of the flame magusScrapyard mongrel
Will-forged golemDivinationRaise the alarmBorderland marauderWitch’s familiar
Charging rhinoHeliod’s pilgrimThundering giantPeel from reality

The Best Ones

Scuttling doom engineNecrogen scudder

Watch the video to learn why these are the best.

My Pick

Scuttling doom engine

How does Scuttling Doom Engine stand up in the quadrant theory? Let’s see.

Development: Scuttling Doom Engine is not a development card. The development phase pretty much ends with mana on the board.
That said, I’m not super sad to have Scuttling Doom Engine in my opening hand but I’d rather it be my 4th or 5th draw.

Parity: When I’m staring at a stalled board state this is the exact card I want to top deck. It can’t be chump blocked and hits hard.
Even if my opponent destroys it it STILL does 6 damage.

Winning: Yes please. The Doom Engine will seal the deal for you if you are ahead.

Losing: A big bad blocker that deals 6 when it dies can be enough to stabilize. You efectively block most things on the ground and buy yourself time.

Scuttling Doom Engine is amazing because unless it gets exiled it will hurt your opponent in a big way.
Furthermore, because it’s an artifact it allows you to stay open for another pick and see where the draft is going.

What Do You Think?

A rising tide raises all ships.

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Would you first pick Scuttling Doom Engine? (If not WHY?!?!?!)

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